Wood Carving Techniques

Wood Carving Techniques

Carving tips
Patterns may be found in woodcarving books and magazines, on the Internet, and through your fellow club members.Patterns may be transferred to a block of wood by freehand drawing, the use of transfer paper (graphite paper), or in many cases you can photocopy a pattern and adhere it directly to the wood.The pattern may also be transferred to cardboard or Give your pattern considerable thought before diving into the wood.This will allow you to obtain a mental image of the finished work, make decisions as to wood grain direction and even the type of wood you may want to use.

Attention to detail produces a good looking Bandsawn BlanksBlanks are typically produced by tracing or gluisaw the outline of the front view, saving all t out, replace the wood which was cut off and Save your patterns for future use.After first using your patterns you may find it helpful to alter the pattern to facilitate your style of carving or to improve the pattern for future use.

RoughoutsRoughouts are another source for woodcarvers

beginners or advanced
wood carving techniques
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.A roughout is already shaped by a duplicator to the basic form of the carving.This typically will save a considerable amount of time to the finished carving.

There are many vendors who sell roughouts.Roughouts can be purchased for just about any subject, animals, humans, mythical, or caricatures.You can also have your own made usually in a minimum quantity of (Swietenia macrophylla) Also known as South American Mahogany, Caoba (throughout Latin America), Acajou (in French speaking areas), and often named after the country it came from (i.e.

Brazilian Mahogany, Peruvian Mahogany, etc.)The wood is reddish brown to medium red which darkens to a deep reddish-brown with time.It has straight grain with a fine even texture.Honduras Mahogany is relatively free of voids and pockets.

Honduras mahogany is excellent for machining, cutting, and carving.Tools should be kept sharp, and a low sharpening angle sIt is up to you.You will enjoy carving objectss of relaxation and


Abstract Figures

Caricatures ., etc.If you can imagine it, you can carve it.than willing to share their experience and knowledge..

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Stabbing yourself in the palm oh the hand with a wood carving tool does not feel great. Doesn't hurt but now my
Old Wood Spirit tells of the days of old.. Wood carving & such
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