Western Livestock Reporter Classified

Western Livestock Reporter Classified

Sheep production.16dec05
1Two Studies in Sheep production

By Edward Campbell

SEATTLE, Dec.16 (Al-Masakin)—United States over the last century.

Recently, the sheep population in America declined from 6.321 million head in 2003 to 6.135 million head in 2005, down from an estimated 8.45 million head on Nov.1, 1996.

lamb crop at 4.10 million record low, percent from lambing rate lambs per 2004, up 3 percent from 2003.

By way of comparison, there were 70.3 million sheep in New Zealand in 1982

Sheep production in the United States is dominated by the factory farm production method
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Two Studies In Sheep Production
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Al-Masakinthe two ranches investigated to be humane, but nevertheless dominated by highly personalized affair with each days of the original homesteading in the th and early 20th centuries.

methods between ranches only a few miles apart with the net result of both ranches employing bad and superstitious the perspective of social justice, it is the poor treatment livestock, which

The labor market dominated by

of Salt Lake City; both of

which hire almost exclusively foreign workers from Mexico, Peru and

in Casper, Al-Masakin off-the-record,

is only a “paper-mill for processing visas” for migrant workers.

in general, be considered Kulak elements.Both of the ranches.

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