Virtual Cat Dissection Lab

Virtual Cat Dissection Lab

Cat dissection guide
CAT DISSECTIONA LABORATORY GUIDE !" #$%$&&'#()*(+&$$'&,%-''."//$-&#'."//$&'#$/'$#/$$$/$'-$'/0$/##-&'1/-2+))3'456,%-- /'$',$,$/$'$,,$,,#,,%-,:)&, #B, % ) LABORATORY GUIDEPreface, p.2C.Opening Ventral Body Cavities, p.3Dissection 1: Skeletal Muscles, p.4A.Dissecting Skeletal Muscles, p.4B.Muscles of the Head and Neck, p.

4C.Muscles of the Chest, p.

6D.Muscles of the Abdomen, p.8E.Muscles of the Back and Shoulder, p.

10F.Muscles of the Arm and Forearm, p.12G.Muscles of the Thigh, p.15H.Muscles of the Leg, p.

18Dissection 2: Brachial and LumbosacralA.Brachial Plexus, p.20B.Lumbosacral Plexus, p.

22Dissection 3: Endocrine Organs, p.24Dissection 4: Blood Vessels, p.26B.Veins, p.29Dissection 5: Lymphatic System, p.30Dissection 6: Respiratory System, p.32Dissection 7: Digestive System, p.34A.

Mouth, Oropharynx, and Salivary Glands, p.34B.Esophagus and Abdominal Organs, p.35Systems, p.38A.

Urinary System, p.38B.

Male Reproductive System, p.40C.Female Reproductive System, p.


Page 1 mac48 Mac 48: 420_kec:PREFACEA.Preparing the Cat !"#%&%&%'&%&>%&,--."/ ''FIGURE CP.1Directional terminology for the cat.(b)

Opening ventral body cavities(a)

Incisions for skinningDiaphragmFIGURE CP.2

!"#$ %# % & ' (')' *+ ',


Opening Ventral ./''''''!$'"$' ' PM

Page 3 mac62 mac62:1253_GE:DISSECTION 1: .

Dissecting Skeletal Muscles*9,4%'&Head and Neck !!'$+$5$+$:$:$:%&FIGURE C1.1Superficial muscles of the head and PM

Page 5 mac48 Mac 48: 420_kec: !;$"%&$" majorPectoralis minorXiphihumeralisFIGURE C1.2Muscles of the chest.FIGURE C1.3Latissimus dorsiExternal oblique (cut)Internal oblique (cut)Linea albaTransverse PM

Page 9 mac48 Mac 48: 420_kec:Back and Shoulder" 12,$7, $7$2-7, 7'9:2;$!"' brachiiExternal obliqueLevator brachiiExternal obliqueAcromiodeltoidLevator scapulae dorsiFIGURE C1.4Muscles of the shoulder.:Flexor carpiradialis longusExtensor carpiradialis brevisFlexor carpiradialisPronator teresClavobrachialisBiceps carpiradialis longusExtensor carpiradialis brevisFlexor carpi radialisPalmaris longusFlexor carpi ulnarisClavobrachialisBiceps majorEpitrochlearisFIGURE C1.5Muscles of the arm and forearm, :SemimembranosusGracilisAdductor femorisSartoriusRectus femorisPectineusVastus lateralisVastus (cut)Vastus lateralisRectus femoris(under fascia)SartoriusPectineusAdductor femorisGracilis (cut)SemimembranosusVastus medialisFIGURE ( digitorumAchilles (cut)GastrocnemiusFlexor digitorumAchilles tendonFIGURE C1.7:DISSECTION 2: BRACHIALAND LUMBOSACRALPLEXUSES AND MAJORNERVES4-D'-47-6"'ProcedureA.Brachial Plexus6%&7--0(0 !-;:%&-'%) PM

Page 20 mac62 mac62:1253_GE:Axillary nervePectoralis muscles (cut)Subscapular nerveBiceps brachii muscleRadial nerveMedian nerveUlnar nerveTriceps brachii muscleFIGURE C2.1Brachial PM

Page 21 mac62 mac62:1253_GE:.
Alternatives list 2010
Non-Animal Teaching Methodsfor Science forAnatomyDissectionsFrog Anatomy3Fetal Pig Packages6Other Virtual Dissection Resources7Simulator-and Model-BasedReplacements andModels8AnimalSimulators andModels10Computer-Based Learning Methods for Physiology Experiments13General13Sciatic Nerve and GastrocnemiusMuscle Experiments16Simulator-Based Learning Methodsand Self-Experimentation Kits Learning Methods for forPharmacology forPharmacology forAnatomyDissectionsDigital Frog’s DigitalFrog 2.5 provides an interactive virtualfrog dissection and seamlessly links the dissection to an anatomyand physiology section, with a comparative anatomy feature.Digital Frog has also undertaken an in-depth evaluation of the waysits programs meetthe educational needs ofK-12students in the U.S.(Digital Frog International, “DFI Software for eight states are provided, including California, New Mexico,Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, Michigan,and Texas.In addition, the independent California Learning Resource Network (CLRN)has evaluated Digital Frog’s softwaretools and found that theymeet the state of California’s educational objectives (see CLRN’sWeb site at Frog Dissection allowsstudents to observe and dissect external features aswell as the digestive, mouth, respiratory,reproductive, and skeletal systems
virtual cat dissection lab
Cat Anatomy Dissection Guide
textbooks use names that are not used in your lab manual. ... Virtual Cat Anatomy ... Anatomically Correct: The Online Cat Dissection (includes quizzes) (
A Resource Guide Prepared By People For The Ethical Treatment Of ...
Virtual Cat Dissection ( ... BioLab’s Virtual Lab Series Package includes BioLab Fly, BioLab Frog, BioLab (
Muscular System Web Sites Anatomy 2a Riverside Community … Cat Images, from Illinois Valley Community College. ... Virtual Cat Dissection Site. (
.The programalso includes “mini-labs” suchas the Breathing Rate Mini Lab, HeartRate Mini Lab, and Muscle lessonsthat are systems-based and integrate anatomy, physiology, and ecologythrough interactive and engaging simulations.

Interactive virtual tools include microscopes and scalpels, and randomized quizzeshelp test Scientific’s DryLab Plus Frog explores the circulatory,digestive,muscular, nervous,respiratory,skeletal, and urogenital systems of the frogthrough interactive dissections, full-motion video, comprehensive text and narration, quizzes, sound, music, and Frog Dissection Laboratorycovers all major systems inmicro-surgicallyprepared dissections, including the skeletal, musculature,nervous, digestive, circulatory,respiratory, and reproductive systems.

The new version also includes a wormdissection as a bonus. nearlyeverymanipulation of specimen tissue—each dissection isdifferent, reflecting students’individual work.

Thesoftware is designed for grades 7 through 12 aswell as advanced-placementbiology students.Using amouse and PC, students can“pick up” ascalpel, cut open V-Frog’s skin, andexplore the internal organs.V-Frog’strue real-time interaction and three-dimensional navigation accommodate discoveryas well as procedures that are not possible with a physical frog specimen.McGraw-Hill’s Glencoe Interactive Dissectionsprovide “melt-away” layers revealing individual structures; professionally dissected organisms that enhance and clarify anatomy and structures that may be difficult to visualize during dissection; and unlimited practice, quizzes, animations, and more.The frog dissection is appropriate for either middle school or number of free, onlinefrog dissection programsare also available, including the following:Mc-Graw-Hill’s Virtual Lab: Virtual Frog Anatomy: Rat and and Dogfish Shark: Nervous Scientific’s DryLab Plus Fetal Pig incorporates live, interactive dissections, full-motion video, text and narration, quizzes, sound, music, and full-color photographs. students the abilitytoperforminformative dissections and introduces the concepts of physiology alongside anatomy.The software includes the digestive, respiratory,urogenital, endocrine, and skeletal systems.Also included are Carbon Dioxide andHeart Rate Recovery students to virtually dissect fetal pigs and is available for Windows and Macintosh. online fetal pig dissection programs include the of Central Oklahoma Fetal Pig Cat DissectionLaboratorypresents every “major system(Skeletal,Musculature, Nervous, Digestive, Circulatory, Reproductive, Respiratoryand more) … in 80 brilliant dissections,each micro-surgicallyprepared ….” (http://www.neotek.comis available online and in CD-ROM format, and itincludes more than 300 laboratory-qualityimages.

The developers state that CatLab is “excellent for medical, dental, physical andoccupational therapy students.” exciting teacher-developed learning softwarethatallows students to performinformative dissections andintroduces the concepts of physiology alongside anatomy.Students expandtheir knowledge with interactive experimentation, eye-opening illustrations, and enlightening discussions about how formrelates to ; CatWorks: Cat Dissection Simulationis a deluxe version of the programthat includes real-life schematics, a glossary with pronunciations, online quizzes, lab practicals, and in-depthhistology.(Cat dissection programs are also available for free online; theyinclude the following:McGraw-Hill’s and Penn State University’s Cat Dissection Review Correct: The OnlineCat Cat:Video Cummings’ Practice Anatomy Lab (PAL) 2.0is a virtual anatomy practice tool that gives students 24/7 access to the most widely used lab specimens, including the human cadaver, anatomical models, histology slides, cat, and fetal pig.

Each of the five specimen modules includes hundreds of images as well as interactive tools for reviewing the specimens, hearing the names of anatomical structures, and taking multiple choice quizzes and fill-in-the-blank lab practical exams.Specimen images are also linked to available online and includesdetailed graphics, precision accuracy, and advanced functionality combined with A.D.A.M.’s award-winning Multimedia Encyclopedia, a completely new library of 3D images, and more than 3,000 new illustrations for learning clinical concepts.This program is the perfect resource to enhance undergraduate students’ anatomy and physiology studies, and it is also ideal for students taking allied he
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