Tm Streamyx Speedometer

Tm Streamyx Speedometer

10 measure streamyx speed
How can I check or measure my Streamyx speed performance.(Speed test)Go to, click on Streamyx and then select Speedometer.Select the nearest gateway with your home ie: Brickelds.Startiv.The result will be shown as in the example below.Note:You are advised to conduct speed testing at the above mentioned site only.Customer should receive at least 85% of the subscribed speed 85% of the time.For example if customer subscribes to the 1 Mbps package, he should get at least 850 Kbps in download speed and at least 326Kbps for upload speeds respectively.c.If you consistently experience speed lower than what is expected, you can call 100 to log a report
tm streamyx speedometer
10 menguji kelajuan streamyx
9.Bagaimana cara untuk saya mengukur prestasi kelajuan Streamyx saya? (Ujian kelajuan)Layari , klik Streamyx dan pilih Speedometer.Pilih gerbang Internet yang terdekat i.e BrickeldsStartiv.Keputusan akan dipaparkan seperti contoh di bawah.Nota:Anda dinasihatkan untuk melakukan ujian kelajuan di laman web yang di atas sahaja.b.Pelanggan seharusnya menikmati sekurang-kurangnya 85% daripada kelajuan pakej yang dilanggan, 85% daripada masa berInternet.Contohnya, sekiranya pelanggan melanggan pakej 1Mbps, dia patut mendapat kelajuan sekurang-kurangnya 850kbps untuk kelajuan muat turun dan sekurang-kurangnya 326kbps untuk kelajuan muat naik.26.
Fuq streamyx! .|. TM. wad lousy connetion u gave us? keep on dc. pissed off!
what is your telco?im using celcom..didnt try with others provider..also hvg problm with streamyx ang tm line
TM Streamyx outage in Sabah and Sarawak. Oh my. This is a MAJOR !
u can check for available streamyx coverage in your area here -->
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