Short And Long Vowel Sounds

Short And Long Vowel Sounds

Helping Teachers Make A Difference2008 Really Good and Long Vowel 10-in-1 Poster SetCongratulations on your purchase of this Really Good StuffShort and Long Vowel10-in-1 Poster Set!This Really Good Stuffproduct includes:Short and Long Vowel 10-in-1 Poster Ten Short and Long Vowel Mini Posters,Write AgainBefore displaying the Short and Long Vowel 10-in-1 Poster Setfor future reference.This unique format allows you to display your new poster set ina variety of ways:Display posters one at a time.When mini posters are notbeing displayed, simply store them in the large poster, behindthe mini poster on which you are focusing.(See Place the mini poster that you areusing in your current lesson in thecenter of the large poster, and display mini posters thathave already been taught around the outside of the largeposter.

(See Display all of the mini posters at one time, placing one miniposter inside the large poster and the others around theOur versatile design allows you to insert your mini posters intothe main poster in two different ways:

Tuck the mini posters into the slits at each corner of thedisplay area.Tuck the mini posters into the tabs at the top and bottom ofthe display area.Enjoy your new 10-in-1 poster set!BACAll activity guides can be found online:Introducing the Short and Long Vowel 10-in-1Poster SetTell students that this poster set uses pictures toshow how short and long vowels sound.

Introducethe short- vowel sounds first.

For the short-vowel1.Copy and distribute the Short VowelsReproduciblereferring to it for each of the five short-vowelsounds.2.Tuck the appropriate mini poster into the mainposter.3.Brainstorm additional words that begin with orcontain each vowel sound.For example, such words am, ask, cat, lap,for the short-asound.Have students write these words in thecorrect column on their reproducible.4.Reinforce any sight words that begin with orcontain the vowel and have students record thesewords in the correct column on their reproducible.5.Use word families to brainstorm words that followthe consonant-vowel-consonant pattern for eachshort vowel
short and long vowel sounds
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Word Pairs – Short Vowel to Long Vowel bit bite cap cape cod code con cone Dan Dane dim dime fad fade fat fate fin fine fir fire hat ... (
Long Vowels Silent-e - Virtual World Games For Kids - Online 3d ...
Class Activity: Long or Short Vowel a bug tug rut mud hut gum cube June dude cute rude tune top dot rod cot dog mob code note robe lone hope rose lid rib dig rim tip pit … (
Vowel Sounds - Super Teacher Worksheets
Vowel Sounds Tell what vowel sound you hear in each word. Use the chart with examples to help you. Word Sound Word Sound ape long a act short a heel long e bet short e (
.For instance, for short a,magnetic whiteboard with magnetic letters in frontb, c, f,h, m, p, r,on the whiteboard and havestudents manipulate the letters to make wordsthat have the short-a sound.Some word families for the short vowels are:short a: at

(bat, cat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat)short e: et (bet, let, met, net, set, wet)short i: it (bit, fit, hit, lit, mit, pit, sit)short o: ot (cot, dot, hot, lot, not, pot, rot, tot)short u: ut (cut, gut, hut, nut, )6.Write some of the students examples of wordsthat contain the vowel sound on the blank lines onthe corresponding mini poster.Emphasize thevowel by using a different colored dry erasemarker.

Have students write the same words inthe correct column on their reproducible.7.Once you complete the short vowels, follow thesame process for the long vowels.

Copy andLong Vowels Reproducible.word families to use in step 5 for the long vowelsare:long a:ate (date, hate, late, mate, rate)long e:eal, (deal, heal, meal, seal)long i: ite (bite, kite, light, night, )long o: ose (hose, nose, pose, rose)long u: ube (cube, lube, tube )Throughout your lessons on vowels, encouragestudents to keep their reproducibles handy andrefer to them frequently as reminders for each vowelsound.Urge students to continue to identify newwords for each vowel sound, write them down, andshare them with classmates.Picture ItHave students draw pictures of the words youbrainstormed for each of the vowel sounds.Createbooklets of these drawings and encourage students to take them home to share with their family.Wrap UpCopy and distribute each of the reproducibles onstarting with the short vowels.Explain to studentsthat they are to match the pictures with thecorrect words from the vowel family and then towrite a sentence using one or more of the wordsfrom the word list.Helping Teachers Make A Difference2008 Really Good and Long Vowel 10-in-1 Poster SetLong Vowels Reproducible2008 Really Good Vowelseraserice creamoverallsShort Vowels Reproducible2008 Really Good Vowelsshort aalligatorshort eshort ishort oshort uumbrella156568 PM

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Word pairs short to long
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