Share Wisconsin Food Buying Club

Share Wisconsin Food Buying Club

Nutrition Education at Mobile Markets: Implementing Evidencebased Public Health with Communitybased OrganizationsPaul Hunter, MD1,2,3, Amy E Harley, PhD, MPH, RD1,4, David Nelson, PhD, Yvonne Greer MPH, RD, CD, CLC, RosamariaMartinez RD, MBA, Courtenay Kessler MS1,2, Virginia ZerpaUrionaMPH1,4, David Frazer MPH1,2200+ Distribution sites in WI (IL, MN, MI)Mobile MarketsTAB and CAB members selecting

criteria for program and site selection.References Nutrition Education at Mobile Markets: Implementing Evidence-based Public Health with Community-based Organizations Progress to Date:

The Mobile Markets (MM) Nutrition Education project intends to provide community-engaged, evidence-based nutrition education at community DoDlZPZvZZSHARE Wisconsin, which runs mobile food markets offering healthy products at reduced costs at community organizations.Project Planning Structure /vZi(Uthe project team has convened the Community Advisory Board (CAB) and the Technical Advisory Board (TAB).Considerable time was invested working with SHARE staff to recruit CAB members, resulting in an engaged and committed CAB.The CAB, which consists of nine community members, has met monthly.

The TAB has met nine times.The groups recently met together to establish criteria for selecting pilot sites.The boards have reviewed 10 evidence-based nutrition education programs with the perspective of implementing these programs at MM sites
share wisconsin food buying club
Foodshare Makes) Wisconsin Healthier - Wisconsin Department …
How do I use my benefits to buy food? ... •SHARE Wisconsin (a non-profit food buying club with many different sites in Wisconsin) Questions? Call 1-800-362-3002 (
Mobile Markets: Nutrition Education With Healthy Affordable Food ...
SHARE Wisconsin provides healthy, affordable food at community- ... volunteer-run food buying club that helps families save 30-50% on supermarket quality food. (
Nutrition Education At Mobile Markets - Center For Urban ...
SHARE Wisconsin  Food buying club for 20,000 people ... SHARE Wisconsin, which runs mobile food markets offering healthy products at reduced costs at (

Baseline A customer survey was developed by the TAB, with 261 surveys collected t analysis is in progress and will help guide implementation.See right column for survey highlights.Student Engagement The project has made great strides largely because of service learning and student engagement.At least sixteen students at Wisconsin colleges and universities (graduate and undergraduate programs) have been engaged, working on obtaining IRB approval, conducting the literature review, administering surveys to Mobile Market customers, performing data entry and analysis, and developing presentations.

Four graduate-level students have worked on the project as part of their fellowships or capstone projects.Project staff have presented the project at one regional and two local conferences.

Project Leader Paul Hunter, MD, Scientist and Assistant Professor

Email: of Customer Concerns

% of total (357) concerns Baseline Survey Overview Questions cover content in 4 main areas: 1.Interest in nutrition education 2.

Attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors around eating with a strong focus on fruits and vegetables 3.Food security and purchasing behaviors 4.General demographics (limited) Pilot tested, made some small changes Students trained on survey administration, specifics of tool Collect up to 15 surveys per site (20 sites) Actual range: 1-17 surveys/site Sites changed as process was unfolding

Survey Sample Overview Total 261 surveys completed ~240 complete Challenges: Language! 259 in English, 2 in Spanish Others conducted with translator/ interpreter Hmong, ASL 9(vvovv(oin the Milwaukee Health Report.

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