Middle School Inference Activities

Middle School Inference Activities

1Middle School Activities
Grade Levels: 1.South Carolina Curriculum Standards Addressed

I.Inquiry A.

Abilities Necessary to1.d.1.

Make inferences based on observations.

2.b.Pose questions and problems to be investigated.2.h.

Analyze data to construct explanations and draw conclusions.III.Earth Science A.Structure of the Earth System 7.f.Evaluate the effects of human population on air, water, and land.

7.g.Analyze the benefits of solid waste management (reduce, reuse, recycle).2.

Brief Description of Lesson/Activity

In this lesson, students focus on the amount of litter that exists at their own school and then work to find ways to reduce the littering that occurs there.1.Are some areas of our school more littered than others? 2.What kind of problems could our school have if we do not reduce the amount of litter here? 3.What are some ways we can encourage students not to litter and to participate in a cleanup? 4.

What type of support do we need from the school administrators? 4.Culminating Assessment

After completing a survey of the school grounds and considering the results, students write a letter to the principal explaining the littering problem at their school and proposing solutions to the problem.

Teacher Activity Student Activity Assessment Tell students they are to record their findings in this manner: draw a line down the middle of a sheet of chart paper to create two Type of Litter Found and Location on Campus Where Found.Head the second column Questions Generated by the Situation (for example, Are trash bins available at this location? What are students doing to produce the trash? Are there procedures regarding the disposal of trash in classrooms?).Student teams survey the litter in their assigned area of the school.They then record their findings and their subsequent questions on the chart paper.

Student participation in the litter Have each group analyze its findings, record on chart paper four things they learned about how litter is generated at their school, and then create a plan for attacking the school litter problem.Student groups analyze their they have learned about how litter is generated at their school, and create a plan for attacking the school litter problem.

They record this information on chart paper.Student participation in the analysis and chart preparation Finally, have student groups write letters to the principal sharing the investigation.The addressing the litter problem based on the data the students have collected.

After sharing their ideas with the principal, the students return to the area they originally examined and conduct a Using the results from their investigation, students write a letter to the principal that contains suggestions on how to address the litter problem at their school.

Students return to the area they originally surveyed and clean up the litter.Letter written to principal

Student participation in the Differentiation of Instruction Special-needs students can be given specific questions to investigate, a chart with check-off items, and a short-answer test that can be completed orally.

Advanced students can conduct an independent litter survey at a local elementary or high school.

After the students examine the litter in different areas around the school, they write a report describing their findings and explaining their ideas about Every Piece of


Two weeks 10.

South Carolina Curriculum Standards Addressed



Abilities Necessary 1.e.1.

Predict the results of actions based on patterns in data and experiences.2.a.Recognize potential hazards within a scientific investigation and practice appropriate safety procedures.2.b.Pose questions and problems to be investigated.2.d.Distinguish and operationally define independent (manipulated) and dependent 2.f.

Collect and record data using appropriate metric measurements.2.g.Organize data in tables and graphs.


Analyze data to construct explanations and draw conclusions.B.Abilities Necessary to Do Technological Design 5.a.Identify the four stages of problem solving: problem identification, solution design, implementation, and Science A.

Structure of the Earth System 7.f.

Evaluate the effects of human population on air, water, and land.


Analyze the benefits of solid waste management (reduce, reuse, and recycle).Brief Description of Lesson/Activity This lesson encourages students to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their surroundings and to understand that a littered campus indicates a lack of student pride.

Students conduct surveys, take photographs, and implement a plan to control litter.In an effort to implement lasting change, students share their results and ideas with school officials.Teacher Activity Student Activity Assessment turn in a written explanation of their specific cleanup plan and the details of their groups cleanup plan and tracking system.plan and tracking system details Have the students cleanup their assigned areas and maintain them for two weeks.Have the students take photographs, determine the amount of trash they have collected, import the data onto spreadsheets, and graph the results on poster board.Display the student graphs and pictures outside the classroom in an effort to make others aware of the litter problem.Students clean up their areas and take photographs.They then determine amount of litter they have collected over the two-week period, import their data onto spreadsheets, and graph the results on poster board.Completed spreadsheets and posters with graphs

about the changes brought about since the cleanup
middle school inference activities
Middle School Activities - County Of Greenville, Sc
Middle School Activities . 2 The Litter at Our School Content Area: Science Grade Levels: Grades 6 and 7 Time to Complete: One to two class periods 1. (bcssa.org)
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write the inference in the third column (e.g., ... their activities to terrorize others were confined to the ... Middle School Reading Modules in Support of Project ... (greenvillecounty.org)
Glue This Side Down Into What’s Going On In The World And ...
INFERENCE 1 FRAME 1 2 3 1 FRAME 2 2 3 1 FRAME 3 2 3 CONCLUSION: In your notebook, write 2-3 sentences about what you learned from Mystery Footprints MY INFERENCE . (doe.virginia.gov)
.Revisit the students to provide additional Students reexamine the focus questions in a whole-group Student participation in the Assign oral presentations:
Reading middleschool
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The Virginia Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in employment or provisions of service.Middle School Reading Modules in Support of Project Graduation Virginia Department of Education .....................................................................................plot setting through the impact of point of view in Text Skills nt and Pattern Skills rases that signal text structure to dettional in ) of external text structures........................................................................................., and graphic organizers to organize word choice and and creating figurative and explaining ive the meaning word maps to expand and using and using with inflectional endings to expand the meaning of unfamiliar words in a text, the meaning of unfamiliar words in a text, the impact of the impact of word choithem School Reading Modules in Support of Project Graduation Virginia Department of Education We wish to express our gratitude to the following individuals for their contributions to the Middle School Reading Modules in Support of Project Graduation:Carolyn Perry Loudoun County Public Schools Loudoun County Public Schools Rashida Johnson Alexandria City Public Schools Denise Fehrenbach Newport News City Public Schools Charlottesville City Public Schools Mary Ann Rogers Suffolk City Public Schools Dana Norman Bedford County Public Schools Rebecca Pierce Bedford County Public Schools Chesterfield County Public Schools Suzanne Crawford Bedford County Public Schools Jennifer Presson Suffolk City Public Schools Middle School Reading Modules in Support of Project Graduation Virginia Department of Education Prereading Skill Making, confirming, or revising predictions SOL 6.5b Make, confirm, or revise predictions.Time Materials Copies of a recent newspaper or magazine informational article of interest to students and containing title, subtitles, sidebars, bold type, pictures, and/or captions Copies of the attached “Making, Confirming, or Revising Predictions” worksheet 1.Review previously discussed reading strategies with the class.Focus on the reasons it is important to remember to do such things as predicting, summarizing, visualizing, clarifying, and questioning in order to be a “good reader.” 2.Show students the covers of two or three books that they probably have not read, and ask them what they think the books are about based on the covers.

Have them explain the features of the covers that led to their responses.In addition to the words, make sure they have noticed the fonts

they just made predictions.prediction as an educated guess based on something that is true, and explain why it is important to predict the subject of a written piece before reading it.

Also, explain that as you read the piece and learn more about its content, it is just as important to confirm that your prediction is correct or revise your prediction,
I have this prediction that One Directions "Little Things" will be the theme song for those middle school dances and love song dedications..
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I have this prediction that One Directions "Little Things" will be the theme song for those middle school dances and love song dedications..
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