Lal Kitab In Hindi Language

Lal Kitab In Hindi Language

1.Lal Kitab : An Astrological : Effects and : Effects and : Effects And : Effects & : Effects and : Effects And : Effects And : Effects And : Effects And Principles and .Lal Kitab : An Astrological MarvelLal Kitab, originally published in urdu language, enshrines such effective astrological prin-ciples and remedial measures that it has rightly been termed as “The Wonder Book” of As-trology.The science of palmistry too has been explained in such an exquisite manner that each ofthe 42 divisions of the human brain have been related to the different houses of a man’s birth chartindividual’s accurate birth chart can be drawn by seeing the lines of his palm.Similarly, by studyingthe different aspects of a man’s residential house his birth chart can be accurately prepared on thepersons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets.

These measures areagain different from Yantras, Mantras and Tantras, which give various adverse effects if not fol-effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions, without inflicting harm on anybodytermed as “Vyakaran”.The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional Parasharprinciples, but the only important

difference is that the Rashis are not considered or takeninto account for predictive astrology and, therefore, the digits indicating the Rashis in a tra-ditional birth chart are scrapped.Secondly, for predictive purposes the ascendant is treated as1.The Sun as lord of the 5th, the Mercury as lord of the 3rd and 6th, the Jupiter as lord of the 9thof the father and his property.But the Jupiter and the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury or Jupiter and Saturnoccupying any house jointly carry no relevance to the knowledge

about father or father’s propertythe same manner.But it does not mean that they do not affect the influences of each other and show their own resultsof being in that house independently i.e.their conjuction does not affect their individual results.4.The 7th house is regarded as the Pucca Ghar (permanent house) of Mercury.If Mercury is placedoccupying a Kendra, 2nd or 11th house can not affect the health of the native adversely.other planet, then the aspecting planet will become afflicted and affect adversely the persons and6.In general, all planets in their Pucca Ghar, own house or exalted house give good results.A7.While examining a horoscope, the 1st, 7th, 8th and 11th houses must be examined together asacts as his minister.The planet in the 8th is the eye of that ruler, whereas the planet in the 11th houseis the ruler’s foot.over his minister.If the planets in the 11th house are inimical to the planets in the first house, thenthey will not obey the command of the ruler i.e., the results of the 11th house will be adverselyaffected.actions and effects
lal kitab in hindi language
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.If the planets of the 1st and 8th houses are friendly, then the planet in the 7thMars in the 7th is considered to be highly conducive for gaining large property.But if mercury is inSimilarly, if the planets of the 1st and 11th houses destination are friendly, they will control the8th house aspect the planets of the 2nd house and thereby affect their results.8.2nd, 6th, 8th, 12th and 11th houses must also be examined simaltaneouosly as follows :(a) The planets of the 8th

house aspect the 2nd house and thereby affect the results of the 2ndhouse.The effects of the aspects of the planets of the 8th house over the 2nd house are affected bythe planets of the 11th house - favourably if friendly and unfavourably if inimical.(b) The planets of the 2nd house aspect the 6th house and affects its results.The planets of the 6thand 8th houses have secret relations with each other, because of which they also affect the planets(c) The 12th house also affects the 2nd house (+++).If there are evil planets in the 6th and 8th9.The 3rd, 11th, 5th, 9th and 10th houses must also be examined simaltaneously as follows :(a) If there is any planet in the 3rd house, it will start showing effects after the birth of the native’syounger brother.

If the 9th and 5th houses are occupied by Saturn Rahu or Ketu then the unfavourablechanges start coming up in the native’s life just after the birth of the child.results of the 10th house will not be received by the native.If 10th and 2nd houses are empty, the(f) If the 9th is occupied by Sun or Moon, then Rahu or Ketu in the 5th will neither affect the issuesof the native or the native himself adversely.misfortune will hit the native through the 11th house.The relatives indicated by the planets of the5th and 8th houses will also be affected.In this situation the earnings of the native will also beaffected very adversely, if the 2nd house is empty.

Nothing will be able to save the native.

Now theplanets of the 10th and 5th will also turn to be malefics whatever be their natural charecter.The second chapter of Lal Kitab, termed as the wonder Book of Astrology, detailsthe effects of Sun in various houses alongwith the remedies.The sun, eulogised by theauthor of the Lal Kitab as Vishnu, the lord of presentation, is the father ofour solar system, around which all planets resulve.The power of light in the sky, the temperature ofbodily services to others have also been referred to the Sun - a royal planet of power, authority andThe Sun provides good results if placed in houses 1 to 5,8,9,11 and 12.

The 6th, 7th, and 10th arewhere the Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are enemies.

The first is the Puccka Ghar, the permanenthouse and the house of exaltation of the Sun,

whereas the 7th house is in the house of debilitation.the Sun is exalted or placed in an auspicious house of a person’s horoscope he is bound to riseMercury.The Sun gives adverse effects on the things associated with the house in which he is placed.Conse-quently in the Ist house he will create health problems for the native.

In the 2
I uploaded a video LAL KITAB- Jupiter in 1st house (Brihaspati/Guru Khana No-1)
I uploaded a video LAL KITAB- Jupiter in 1st house (Brihaspati/Guru Khana No-1)
Lal Kitab Explorer 1 (Shareware): Astrology software based on the Lal Kitab system.
That was out. Cook you lucky bastard . I bet you used the Lal Kitab . Harami .
I uploaded a video LAL KITAB- Jupiter in 1st house (Brihaspati/Guru Khana No-1)
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