Install My Web Search Home Page

Install My Web Search Home Page

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Welcome to Verizon FiOS InternetGet ready to experience the Internet as never before.Youll surf the Web, stream video and download purchased files at speeds faster than you everthought possible.With FiOS, you now have all the fiber-optic power you need to transform the way you live, work and play.Use this guide to get familiar with exciting new features from FiOS, includingusing advanced security software and more.Youll learn how to find help, get support and enjoy online extras „ like building your own Web site and uploading content to your blog faster than ever.So grab the light and hang on for the ride of your PM

Page iTable of ContentsGetting StartedChoose Your Experience1Verizon Central2Verizon Central Toolbar3…5Verizon FiOS Internet with AOLVerizon FiOS Internet with AOL Features7Verizon Yahoo!for FiOS8Verizon Yahoo!for FiOS Features9E-Mail & MoreE-Mail & More11Where Do I Begin?12Verizon Central E-Mail & More Links12…13E-Mail with Verizon FiOS Internet with AOL14E-Mail with Verizon Yahoo! for FiOS15E-Mail with Account19Create Additional E-Mail Accounts20Verizon AOL Account Information21Verizon Yahoo! for FiOS Account Information22Record Your Account PM

Page iiBroadband EssentialsSafety & Security25Verizon Internet Security Suite26…27Verizon Online Backup & Sharing27Broadband ExtrasVerizon Broadband Extras29Verizon Broadband Toolbar29My Web Space29VerizonSurround30Disney Fun30ESPN360.com31ABC News Now31Shop Verizon32…33FiOS TV 34Need Help?37…40Frequently Asked PM

Page iiiGetting PM

Page iv11Choose Your ExperienceVerizon Online has teamed up with the worlds top Internet brands to deliver a richer, more personalized Internet experience.When you register your FiOS Internet, you can choose between Verizon FiOS Internet with or Verizon Yahoo! for FiOS and reap the benefits of combining a superior, high-speed broadband connection with the latest software, exclusive content and premium services from AOL or Yahoo!.These premium services give you an Internet experience thats easy to use and tailored to you.Youll get the latest in online protection, including parental controls, firewall and virus protection, e-mail features If you didnt select Verizon AOL or Verizon Yahoo! during registration, you can do so at any time at Verizon Central.Just click on the My Also available on the Verizon Central Start Page, you will be able to get the latest headlines, stock quotes, weather and PM

Page 1VerizonVerizon featuresVerizon Internet.Youll tailor-madeTo Verizon Internet browser.* Type address bar.*The areInternet Explorer You computersAre InternetLearn Internet toolbar, InternetVerizon information Internet bar.information here.Verizon Toolbar Verizon Toolbar features Internet more rewarding moreVerizon ToolbarVerizon Here Access interests
install my web search home page
Hp Photosmart D110 Series Setup Troubleshooting 2 Print, Copy ... to download and install the software. ... Web Services 5 ... Settings From the Home screen, opens the Setup menu. (
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install the keyboard driver or the mouse driver at the pop-up window . 3-2. ... Web Home, My Favorites, Web Search, Web Refresh, W eb Stop, W eb Page (
Download And Install Caddiesync From: …
Download and install CaddieSync from: ... On the Course Search page, type in the location of your course search (required) and / or the course name ... (

Your Provider, Your streamline More Send receive address Check from Verizon Web Build Web VerizonInternet) Buildertool Quickly review Verizon username password The Preference register interests, receive more Click here somethings 37…44) Troubleshoot, more.Verizon Explore remote productsbroadbandVerizonSurround Your streaming Web more ListenVerizon Toolbar services Verizon Internet Verizon providers, more, brochure moreVerizon FiOS Internet with AOLWith Verizon Internet with AOLcontent and features, including a comprehensive set of automaticallyRadio with more than 200 channels „ as well as 20 others from XMIf you are an existing AOL member, you can continue to use your currentAOL screen name, e-mail account and software with your new Verizon OnlineWhen you are signed in to your account, your Verizon Central toolbar willgive you direct access to AOL.To get to the Verizon Online with AOL Start Page:1.

Click on the AOL triangle icon on your desktop.2.Or, type into your address bar.3.Or, from Verizon Central, click on the AOL tab.Verizon reminds you to always download legally.Only one online experience (Verizon AOL or Yahoo!) can be selected.Minimum system requirements apply.Verizon Online with AOL Start PM

Page 6Verizon FiOS Internet with AOL FeaturesAOL offers tools and content to help you get more from your time a comprehensive set of free,automatically updating online safety tools, providing powerful protectionagainst viruses, spyware and hackers as well as special tools to helpprevent children from reaching inappropriate online content.has more than 200 channels „ music, news,Video most powerful video search on the Web.

AOLs exclusive Hi-Qformat lets you watch online videos at full-screen in DVD-quality.Verizon Online with AOL features AOL Video*The AOL Safety and Security Center is only available to PCs runningKeyword: PM

Page 7Verizon Yahoo!Verizon Yahoo! Internet Webs largest protected software are Verizon direct Verizon Yahoo!.Verizon reminds legally.(Verizon Yahoo!) features Verizon Yahoo! are requirements apply.To Verizon Yahoo! Click address bar.

Or, from Verizon Verizon Yahoo!Verizon Yahoo!for here.Verizon information.Verizon Yahoo! FeaturesVerizon Yahoo! features revolutionize Internet.protect software protection, parental controls, safeguards.You share Webs largesthigh-resolution more create burn Web more sources from, previewsVerizon Yahoo!E-Mail & PM

Page 1011E-Mail & MoreVerizon Online e-mail comes free with your service and includes nine e-mailaccounts.All you need is your Verizon Online username and password to get started.If you dont remember your username and password, go toYou have a few ways to access your Verizon Online e-mail messages:1.

Using the Internet:.Log on to Verizon Central at .Select E-Mail & More to begin..To save messages online, simply move them to an e-mail folder.2.Using your Online Service Provider:.For AOL members, e-mail can be accessed by logging on to Verizon Central at and
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