Free Sample Self Introduction Letters

Free Sample Self Introduction Letters

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OBJECTIVE: Upon successful completion, students will be able to create an effective cover letter outlining their interest in applying for a utilizing proper business letter format.


Use a career planning process that includes self-assessment, personal development, and a career portfolio as a way to gain initial entry into the workplace.B.2.

Demonstrate job seeking skills.

SKILLS UTILIZED: Listening, English grammar and composition, business etiquette, keyboarding, editing


Copies of Cover Letter Tips and Suggestions 3.

Copies of Cover Letter Guide.4.

Copies of Sample Cover Letter #1 and Sample Cover Letter #2.


Copies of Sample Letter of Introduction.

TIME REQUIRED: 45 minutes


Discuss the importance of the cover letter/letter of introduction.

It is usually the first piece of an application that is read.As the commercial says, “You never get a second chance to make a first out copies of the Cover Letter Guide.

Walk students through the important parts of a business letter including heading, inside address, salutation, and the complimentary closing.

Assist students in determining where to “send” their letter.They should make the letter as real as possible by picking a business of interest.A student interested in becoming an engineer should address it to an employer that may hire engineers.The phone book or local chamber of commerce directory will be of assistance to them.

Students will create a draft cover letter directed to a business in a field of their interest.

SUGGESTED FOLLOW-UP: Rather than the teacher simply correcting the rough draft, it may prove useful to have students engage in a peer review session.This will give students an opportunity to see other writing styles, both good and bad.


Your cover letter is a potential employer’s first impression of you and can be the most vital part of the application packet.A well written letter entices the employer to read your resume.A poorly constructed cover letter may doom your resume to the “No Need to Read” pile.The same can be said for a college or scholarship application that includes an introductory letter.It is important to highlight your skills, knowledge, and experience.

These will indicate what you can contribute to the company or school.

Effective cover letters must convey a sense of purpose and project enthusiasm.A “form” cover letter rarely does this.Researching the employer, college, or scholarship prior to writing the cover letter will give you the opportunity to effectively personalize your letter.

1.Always include a cover letter when mailing your resume.

A letter of introduction will prove useful when applying to colleges.It may act as the basis for a college essay or it may be a useful addition to an application packet.

2.Unless the advertisement specifies “no phone calls please” and the name is not given in the ad, find out the name and title of the individual who will be receiving your letter.Make sure you spell the name properly and get the proper abbreviation (Mr., Mrs., Ms.).


Do not use “form” letters or photocopies.Personalize each letter.If possible, explain why you want to work for the organization or attend the school.

4.Use a proper business format for your letters.

5.Make sure the letter is PERFECT! Spelling, punctuation, and grammar count.Have someone proofread the letter before mailing it.
6.Create the letter on a computer word processing program (Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc.) and use a laser printer, if possible.Use good quality paper.

Cheap, flimsy paper makes your application seem very ordinary.However, do not use flashy colors!

7.Utilize a one inch margin on all 4 sides.This white space draws the reader to the body of the letter.


In the opening paragraph, tell the reader the purpose of the letter.

9.Use “I” statements and action verbs when describing your experience.10.Get to the point! Employers do not have the time to read lengthy letters.

A cover letter should never exceed one page.11.Focus on the specific skills and interests you possess that you can offer the employer or college.

Concentrate on skills which match the advertised employment qualifications or the desired program of study.Stress what you can do for the company or college, not what the company or college can do for you.Sound upbeat and confident.

Sell yourself! 12 Don’t mention salary expectations unless the advertisement specifically requests it.In that case, the best strategy is to give a range.For example, “My earnings have ranged from $7.00 to $10.50 per hour in the various sales positions I have held.” 13.End by thanking the reader and stating that you look forward to meeting with them.Make a specific suggestion for the next step of the process and follow up as promised.

Before mailing a cover letter, can you answer the following questions with a “Yes”?

Is it clear? Does it state exactly what I want it to state?

Is it concise? Does it state what I want it to state in the fewest possible words?

Is it well organized?

Am I projecting to the employer or college the contribution I can make?

Have I stressed areas in my experience and/or education that are relevant to the person reading it?



INSIDE PARAGRAPH Tell why you are writing
free sample self introduction letters
Sample Letter Of Introduction 1
Sample Letters of Introduction . ... my wife and I have spent much of our free time scraping paint and wallpaper, skim coating plaster, replacing trim, and painting. (
Introducing Yourself: The Ideal Cover Letter
introduction to you and your resume. ... If you are sending our a lot of cover letters, ... A Sample Format For a Cover Letter (
An Essay Of Self-introduction.
An Essay of self-introduction. ... oneself for quite a number of times. But as Fyodor Dostoyevsky lets his narrator in the Letters from the Underworld say: ... (

1ST MAIN PARAGRAPH Describe your qu
Sample letters of introduction
Ston University Executive MBA ProgramSample Letters of Introduction SAMPLE LETTER OF INTRODUCTION 2:I am currently employed by Raytheon Company as the Director of Finance for the SIVAM and WASM Programs.

SIVAM is an environmental monitoring and surveillance system that we are now installing in the Amazon Region of Brazil.WASM is an acronym for Wide Area Surveillance and Management Systems.

This is a brand new business area where we are trying to leverage off of our SIVAM success by offering similar systems around the world.

My responsibilities include managing the financial aspects of the existing business while arranging and securing financing for future ventures.

I work very closely with program management and business development folks inside of Raytheon as well as the ExportImport Bank of the United States, the Central Bank in Brazil’s capital of Brasilia, and several commercial banks in the U.S.I have been fortunate to spend my entire career at Raytheon having started as a “coop” student from Northeastern University.

The company has offered me many diverse and challenging assignments at several of its key business units.

In addition to the traditional Defense units of the company, I have performed on assignments as diverse as financial analysis for a “smart” automobiles venture with Ford Motor Company to a contract analysis of an oil refinery that Raytheon was constructing for Mobil Oil in Singapore, to my current effort.I reside in Acton, MA with my wife, Ann, and our two children, Greg and Katy.

In addition to our fulltime professions, we actively participate in their educational, athletic, and social development.Outside of work, my activities revolve around a very active family life.

I’m involved as much as I can with school, boy and girl sports and scouting.

My personal passion is flying.

I’ve held apilot’s license for almost as many years as my driver’s license.

I fly as a member of the Hanscom Air Force Aero Club and the Civil Air Patrol, both located in Bedford, MA.

While most aircraft were grounded for several days after September 11, CAP flew many humanitarian missions into New York.

I’m also an avid reader and love to travel.I’m excited about the opportunity to meet and work with you in EMBA XX.

I believe our time working together will not only yield tremendous professional benefits for all of us, but will also provide the opportunity to form personal relationships that will last well beyond the completion of the Program.SAMPLE LETTER OF INTRODUCTION 3:I am currently a Director of Software Development within the Server Technologies Division at Oracle Corporation.I am responsible for two database server products at Oracle as well as several related dataaccess and data management products.

Both server products are highend, missioncritical database management systems that are used by major corporations and government institutions around the world with revenues of multiple millions of dollars each year.As the manager of several development teams, I set product direction and schedules as well as oversee the work of the approximately 33 software engineers reporting to me.The products that I am responsible for are targeted to fairly selective highend niche markets such as stock exchanges, currency traders and drug manufactures.Although I work for a large company, to be successful at my job, I often have work as if I am running a medium size business on my own.

This is because these products require knowledge that is not widely available within the company and for the most part.I need to provide development, marketing, support and technical presales services to a global customer base all from within the group of people reporting to me.

It is because I am, in many ways, running my own business that I am interested in pursuing an MBA.

I believe that what I will learn in the BU Executive MBA program will help me grow as a manager and become more effective in my job.

I know that a large part of the experience of the EMBA program is what I will learn from my fellow classmates.I have been a manager in software development for over 20 years and for about the last 10 of those years I have had the opportunity to travel extensively both in the US and overseas (e.g.Japan, China, Australia, Europe, the Middle East) visiting customers, getting to know their businesses and gettinga better understanding of how I and my group can better meet their needs.

I think that my experiences in managing teams and working in a global environment can be strength when added to the experiences that the other students will bring to the January 2008 class.

I have always enjoyed learning and, in general, my philosophy is that it is best to stay intellectually curious and to challenge myself in new areas.

One of the comments I have heard from several people who have gone through the EMBA program (as well as others from similar programs) is that “you will think about problems differently”.

I am looking forward to the challenges and experiences that working toward my MBA will bring and to the new insights that I will gain from the work involved.n a personal note, I am a father of 3, two of who are in college now with the third headed to college next year (my oldest son is an Engineering major at Boston University).

I met my wife when she was working toward her MBA at the University of Rochester back in 1981 and we have been living in the Boston area since 1983.I enjoy traveling with my family, especially on skiing trips out west and I run and swim on almost a daily basis to try to stay in shape.I joke with my eldest son that the real reason ant to go to BU is so that I’ll have access to the pool and the “lazy river” at the FitRec Center.I enjoy reading with special interes
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