Cva Muzzleloader Parts

Cva Muzzleloader Parts

Cva inline

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTYnecticut Valley Arms muzzleloading firearms.YOU MUST READ THIS MATE-RIAL ENTIRELY AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS INFORMATION BEFOREYOU CAN SAFELY USE YOUR MUZZLELOADER.are available from our factory.Call CVA Customer Service at (770) 449-4687 ifModel No.____________Serial Purchased___________Type of CVA Customer Service at 770-449-4687 if you have anyquestions or visit us on the Internet at: or E-mailWARNINGIF HANDLED IMPROPERLY FIREARMS ARE"CAUTIONS", "CAUTION" AND WARNINGS OF"DANGER" TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY AND/OR DEATH AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE.TABLE OF CONTENTSPAGEAIntroduction to In-Line Commandments of Firearm Considerations Unique to Cautions for Safe Use of CVA In-LineMuzzleloading Misconceptions Regarding Accessories for a , Pyrodex and Clean Loading and Shooting CVA In-Line Ignition System In-Line Disassembly / Assembly forCleaning and Action In-Line Disassembly / Assembly and Cleaning and a in a Scoped of Instructions for Replacement Lifetime Componentsof aConventional In-LineMuzzleloading RifleNipple (6x1mm Thread)Trigger GuardTrigger AssemblyMain Componentsof aBolt Action In-LineMuzzleloading RifleTriggerTrigger GuardScrewRamrodFront SightBarrelRear SightStockSafetyBolt ActionEndStrikerTriggerNipple (6x1mm Thread)WARNING: It is important to take the time to read and understand the informa-proper function.The information contained in the book is critical for the properDO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD OR FIRE YOURMUZZLELOADER UNTIL YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE INFOR-MATION DESCRIBED IN THIS BOOK.arms.

Shooters must remember that even now, despite the modern appear-judgement unique to all muzzleloading firearms.

However, when handled prop-erly, a muzzleloader is a safe and enjoyable firearm for shooting and hunting.But, if abused, harmful consequences can result.Treat this muzzleloading fire- If after reading the instructions, cautions, and dangers contained in thishandling and shooting of a muzzleloader, return the firearm in its entirety to theplace of purchase.

If you have any questions about safe use of your CVA fire-If you sell, trade, or give this firearm to any other person - this ownersCVA.A.INTRODUCTION TO IN-LINE MUZZLELOADERSignition source (#11 percussion cap, musket cap or modern primer) is locateddirectly behind (or, in line with) the propellant charge.By contrast, with Sidelockrifles which are differentiated by their cocking mechanisms.The first, and ear-CONVENTIONAL IN-LINE and features a straight-pullcocking device.

The second, and most recent design, is called BOLT ACTIONIn the Conventional In-Line category, CVA offers two series of rifles

and porate a manual notch safety system.Eclipse Series rifles are offered with a
CVA has two series of Bolt Action In-Lines --- FireBolt 209 UltraMagand HunterBolt 209 Magnum
cva muzzleloader parts
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CHECK OUT OUR PHOTO GALLERY AT WWW.CVA.COM AMERICA’S #1 MUZZLELOADER / 6 ... Repairs & Parts CVA has highly trained team of gunsmiths to … (
Conventional And Bolt Action In-line Rifle Warranty Information
book before attempting to use your CVA muzzleloader. 1. ... Dry all parts thoroughly and lubricate with gun oil. 6. Reassemble bolt body, bolt handle, ... (

FireBolt rifles are CVAs top of the line Boltstock, and removable stainless steel bolt assembly.

HunterBolt rifles areCVAs more basic bolt action featuring Fiber Optic sights, bullet guiding muzzle,
All CVA bolt action In-Lines and any year 2001+ conventional in-lines (Eclipseor Stag Horn) are capable of handling the heavier, multiple Pyrodex Pellet mag-num loads.

These magnum capable guns can be identified by the one-piececharge.

The use of PowerBelt bullets is also recommended to provide aperfect gas seal, eliminating gas blowby.

be fired in CVA conventional In-Lines that do not feature the one-pieceB.GETTING STARTED1.Safety First - Verify gun is unloaded.2.Assemble gun.3.Check all functions.4.Remove nipple (and breech plug if In-Line).Apply CVA breech plug/nipple grease or anti-seize compound to threads.5.Clean barrel.6.Replace and tighten breech plug and nipple until snug.7.Read and study information booklet.8.Understand terminology.9.Get all questions answeredFor Safety:

CVA encourages that you take a certified hunters safety coursebefore using this muzzleloader or any other firearm.

Consult your local GameC.TEN COMMANDMENTS OF FIREARM SAFETY1.Keep the gun muzzle pointed in a safe direction and never pull it2.Be sure of your target and beyond.3.Never rely on a gun's "safety".4.Gun should be unloaded until ready to use.5.Always wear eye and ear protection.6.The barrel should be clear of obstruction before shooting.7.Handle every gun as if it is loaded.8.Keep guns and ammo separate and in locked storage.9.Avoid alcoholic beverages and drugs before and during using a firearm.10.Do not alter or modify your firearm.Have your firearm checked regularlyby a competent gunsmith.Make sure all parts work properly.Health Warning:

Discharging of firearms in a poorly ventilated area and/orAccording to the state of California, exposure may cause cancer, birthdefects, or other reproductive harm.

Make sure that you have properventilation at all times.

Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after shooting,handling ammunition, or cleaning your firearm.

Do not eat or smoke duringSAFETY CONSIDERATIONS UNIQUE

TO MUZZLELOADERS1.Never smoke when shooting or handling a muzzleloader or related equip-ment.Ashes and/or loose sparks may cause powder or caps to ignite,2.Always wear eye protection.Flying debris from the breech area is alwaysa possibility with any muzzleloader.3.Never pour powder into a muzzleloader directly from a flask, horn or anylarge volume, enclosed container.Hot embers in the barrel could cause4.All powder storage containers and percussion caps should be kept well5.Use only blackpowder, Pyrodex, Pyrodex Pellets (In-Line rifles only), oruse modern smokeless powder in a muzzleloader.The use of any6.Always check to ensure that your muzzleloader is in good working condi-tion before use.Test the bolt and safety mechanisms carefully prior to8.Never place a cap on the firearm until you are ready to fire.Cap shouldthe gun from one person to another, leaving the gun unattended,
Huntsville police blotter: 2 guns stolen from south Huntsville homes: Armond Drive: A CVA Muzzleloader .50-calib
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