Combining Sentences Using Conjunctions Worksheet

Combining Sentences Using Conjunctions Worksheet

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HW3 Paragraph Worksheet (Sentence Combining) Value: 10pts I.COMBINING SENTENCES There are many, correct ways to effectively combine sentences.Here are a few proven strategies.Embedding Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositional Phrases Remember, adjectives modify nouns and pronouns, while adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

Prepositional phrases like in the house, on the step, or from Indiana also modify words in the same way that adjectives and adverbs do.Embedding Examples


The movie was about a tomato.

The tomato was enormous (adjective).

The movie was about an enormous tomato.b.The lamp fell to the floor.

It fell suddenly (adverb).The lamp suddenly fell to the floor c.

The lawnmower was old and rusty.The lawnmower was in the garage (prepositional phrase).

The lawnmower in the garage was old and rusty.Coordination This consists of joining ideas that are grammatically alike, usually by using one of the seven coordinating conjunctions: but, or, yet, so, for, and, nor (BOYSFAN).And

suggests addition.It is used to add one idea to a similar one.Nor also suggests addition, but it adds to negative ideas.

But suggests a contrast or opposition.Yet also suggests a contrast or opposition.Or suggests alternatives.For suggests a cause.So suggests a result relationship.Using Subordination You can combine sentences by using subordinate conjunctions and relative pronouns.Subordinate Conjunctions
Relative Pronounsafter

even though until

whom(ever) although as if

so that

where as long as than

wherever because though

while before

unless Subordination Examples


I awoke from my nap.

A burglar was smashing my downstairs window.

When I awoke from my nap, a burglar was smashing my downstairs window.

b.A very dear friend recently sent me a baby alligator.

She lives in Pittsburgh.A very dear friend who lives in Pittsburgh recently sent me a baby alligator.Appositives At its simplest level, an appositive is simply a noun or pronoun renaming or identifying another noun or pronoun
combining sentences using conjunctions worksheet
Hw3 Paragraph Worksheet (sentence Combining) Value: 10pts …
HW3 Paragraph Worksheet (Sentence Combining) Value: 10pts ... You can combine sentences by using subordinate conjunctions and relative pronouns. (
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HW3 Paragraph Worksheet (Sentence Combining) Value: 10pts

Example: My uncle owns a restaurant, The Gravy Train, in a nice part of St.


The Gravy Train renames restaurant Appositives usually include modifiers of their own.Example: Two dogs, a Irish setter and a German setter, ran into the lobby of the hotel.Appositive Examples a.Amoxil, which was the most frequently prescribed drug in 1991, is an antibiotic.

Amoxil, the most frequently prescribed drug in 1991, is an antibiotic.b.

Johann Goethe lived from 1749 to 1832.

He was a poet, dramatist and novelist.

Johann Goeth

a poet, dramatist, and novelist

lived from 1749 to 1832.Exercise I.Use sentence combinations to make this paragraph read more concisely.Try to reduce its size to 8-12 sentences.(1) Many actors and actresses are superstitious people.(2) They rely not only on their talent, looks, and charm.

(3) They also rely on rabbits feet and a whole host of other superstitions.

(4) Some stage superstitions are purely personal.(5) Others have been picked up from tradition.(6)They are treasured by those who have no idea how or why the superstitions originated.(7) For example, real flowers are welcome after a performance.

(8) They are unlucky for stage decorations.(9) Of course, real flowers would fade and have to be replaced regularly.(10) The superstition probably derives from a very practical concern.(11) An artist might slip and fall if he stepped on a petal or leaf that had fallen from a vase.(12) There are other common stage superstitions.(13) A fall on stage is the sign of a long run.(14) Wishing an actor good luck will bring bad luck.(15) Performing or even quoting from Macbeth is unlucky.

(16) Tradition also has it that something going wrong during dress rehearsal means the opening nights performance will be a success.(17) In fact, many actors have a firm belief.(18) A bad dress rehearsal heralds a smash opening night.(19) The list of superstitions goes on and on.

(20) Flowers should be handed over the footlights instead of delivered back stage.(21) One should never mention the exact number of lines he has in a show.

(22) Congratulatory telegrams should not be read during a run.

(23) One should not write on the dressing room mirror.

(24) If someone whistles in the dressing room, on should go outside.

(25) Then one should turn around three times and spit before re-entering..
yeah i'm combining them and re correcting the sentence structures and adding in adjectives. cos it's all in broken sentences
I think i'm just making things worse because i keep blanking out in the middle of reading a sentence so i keep combining random sentences
Instead of combining sentences i'm going to make every idea its own sentence hopefully it will be three times longer
And then people try other nonsense like starting sentences with 'and' and combining them without conjunctions it's just sickening.
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