Colored Threads Under Microscope

Colored Threads Under Microscope

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______________ The Cell:

Microscopes1.Examine your microscope.

Review the parts of the microscope and their function.2.Observe the lenses: a.What is the magnification of the ocular lens (eyepiece)?

____________x b.What magnification is written on the low power objective?

___________x c.What magnification is written on the medium power objective?

___________x d.What magnification is written on the high power objective?

___________x 3.The total magnification using the lenses can be determined by multiplying the objective with the ocular lens (eyepiece).

What is the total magnification of a specimen viewed with each objective? Low power obj.

_____ x

Medium power obj.

_____ x High power obj.

_____ x 4.

Place the slide of the letter e on the stage so that the letter is over the hole and is right side up.

Use the low power objective to view the letter and use the coarse adjustment knob to focus.

Diagram the e in the field of view below exactly as you see it under the objective.

Repeat using the medium power objective, and finally (if available) the high power objective.


the pointer should not be included in diagrams.
Low power
Medium power
High power Have your lab partner push the slide to the left while you view it through the lens.

To which direction does the e appear to move?
To the __________________________ 5
colored threads under microscope
Microscope And Microscopy - Welcome To My My Biology Web
slide to slip under the clips • do not allow the ... SILK FIBERS (Cross Colored Threads) • Obtain a microscope slide preparation labeled “Silk Fibers” or “Cross (
Lab: Introduction To The Compound Light Microscope Magnification
Lab: Introduction to the Compound Light Microscope 1. ... Obtain a slide with 3 different colored threads on it. View the slide under low and then medium power. (
Microscopy Laboratory
2. Find the letter e under scanning magnfication, focus as needed. ... View the colored threads slide on the microscope using the same procedure as above. (
.Obtain a slide with 3 different colored threads on it.

View the slide under low and then medium power.

6.You should note that you can only focus on one colored thread at a time.

Figure out which thread is on top: a.Adjust the coarse objective knob to lower the stage all the way.b.Slowly raise the stage until the thread comes into focus.

c.The first thread to come into focus is the one on top.

7.Answer the following questions: a.

Which color thread is on b.

Which color thread is in the c.Which color thread is on the When you have completed your work with the microscope, answer the following questions with either True or False.8.

On high power, you should use the coarse adjustment knob.

_______________ 9.The diaphragm determines how much light shines on the specimen.

_______________ 10.The lower power objective has a greater magnification than the

_______________ medium power objective.

11.The fine focus knob moves the stage up and down.
_______________ 12.Images viewed in the microscope will appear upside down.

_______________ 13.

If a slide is thick, only parts of the specimen may come into focus.
_______________ 14.The type of microscope you are using is the scanning 15.

For viewing, microscope slides should be placed on the objective.
_______________ 16.In order to switch from low to high power, you must rotate the

_______________ revolving nosepiece.17.The total magnification of a microscope is determined by adding the

_______________ ocular lens power to the objective lens power..
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