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8/3/2007 Bible Commentaries Online Commentaries John Darby's Synopsis of the New Testament.
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8/3/2007 Commentaries Bowman, Robert M.Brown, John

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Torrey, R.A.Commentary Critical and ExplJohn Darby's Synopsis of the New TestamentMatthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole BiblePeople's New TestamentRobertson's Word Pictures of the New TestamentScofields Reference Notes (1917 Edition)Spurgeons The Treasury of DavidThe Fourfold GospelAudio Commentaries Brodersen, Brian Brown, John Coy, Bob Courson, Jon Davis, Bob Douglass, Trent.
Commentary on John - Volume 1byJohn CalvinAbout Commentary on John - Volume 1 by John CalvinCommentary on John - Volume , John ( Rapids, MI: Christian Classics Ethereal LibraryPublisher:Public DomainRights:1.0 initial scanning created much American initial XMLinsertion, footnote reconciliation.1.01 fj XML for OLB, French/Latininserted for Footnotes only.Editorial Comments:Ages (Transcriber)Contributor(s):sg, fj (Markup)BS491LC Call no:The BibleLC Subjects:Works about the BibleTable of Contentsp.iiAbout This .1Commentary on John .

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4Featherstones .6Featherstones To the .7Calvins Epistle .10The .12Chapter .12John .

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172John .174John .177John .179John .182John .184John .188Chapter .188John CalvinCommentary on John - Volume 1p.191John .193John .

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212John .216Chapter .216John .

219John .221John .225John .227John .229John .235Chapter .235John .237John .240John .242John .245John .249John .

251John .254Chapter .254John .

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.274Index of Scripture .276Index of Scripture .

277Greek Words and .

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Commentary On John - Volume 1 - Bible Study: Bible Study Guides
Commentary on John - Volume 1 by John Calvin. This document has been generated from XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) source with RenderX XEP Formatter, … (
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Chuck Smith: Now in chapter 34, God speaks out against those faithless shepherds of ... The Wycliffe Bible commentary : Old Testament (Eze 34:1). Chicago: Moody Press. (
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and Research Ministry) Bible Difficulties Pastor Chuck Smith Resources 28. ** Answers For Today, Smith ... J W Mc Garveys Commentary On Acts 165. J. Vernon … (
.orgJohn CalvinComm on John (V1)THE TRANSLATOR'S PREFACECommentaries on the Gospel according to John are numerous, and some of them are writtenwith great learning and ability.Rarely has a separate and extended interpretation been given to anyof the other three Gospels, which are, indeed, so closely interwoven with each other, that it isscarcely possible to expound one of them in a satisfactory manner, without bringing the whole intoone view, comparing parallel passages, accounting for apparent contradictions, and supplying theomissions of each narrative, to such an extent as to produce what shall be in substance, though notalways in form, a Harmony of the Three Evangelists.Few of these difficulties meet the expositor of John's Gospel, in which the slender thread ofnarrative

until it reaches the period of the last sufferings of our Savior

does little more thanconnect long discourses, which He delivered to the multitude and to his disciples.

Whatever opinionmay be formed as to the theory of the elder Tittmann, that John, wrote his work for the expresspurpose of proving the supreme Divinity of Christ, we cannot avoid being struck with the fact, thatthe miracles which he selects are distinguished by peculiar grandeur, and that the discourses whichhe relates contain the most abundant and delightful exhibitions of the glory of the Son of God, andof the nature of his mediatorial office, which our great Master was pleased to make during hispersonal ministry.Lampe, Hutcheson, and Tittmann, are better known, and more highly esteemed, in this countrythan any other Commentator on John that could be named.The three quarto volumes of Lampe area monument of judicious toil, and present such stores of philological, historical, and theologicallearning as ought never to be mentioned but with respect and gratitude.Though not free from thefaults of the Cocceian School, of which his miscellaneous treatises afford some unhappy proofs,his Commentary displays generally such caution and judgment, that it deserves to be not onlyconsulted, but perused throughout, and carefully studied.

Hutcheson wanted both the acuteness andthe industry requisite for the successful elucidation of the Holy Scriptures, but is justly admiredfor the copiousness, variety, and excellence of his practical observations.Tittmann's MeletemataSacra in Evangelium Joannis, now happily rendered accessible to theEnglish reader, 1 I must be regarded as one of the most valuable contributions of modern times tobiblical interpretation.

Accurate scholarship, elegant and flowing language, deep reverence for theinspired volume, and a warmth of affectionate piety closely resembling that of the disciple whomJesus loved, have gained for that work a reputation which is likely to increase.

To the reader whois chiefly desirous to ascertain the meaning of Scripture, and who willingly dispenses with whatserves no other purpose than illustration: Tittmann's exposition of the first four Chapters of John'sGospel will be highly acceptable; though it must be acknowledged that the remaining portion ofthe work

not executed till towards the close of the life of the venerable author

is somewhatless attractive, and, if it has been prepared with equal care, yet, in consequence of extremeunwillingness to bring forward explanations which had been already given, it will sometimesdisappoint one who only dips into an occasional passage, and has not made himself familiar withthe profound views unfolded in the earlier pages.1Clarke's Biblical Cabinet, volumes 44 and 45.2John CalvinComm on John (V1)These and other eminent writers have been deeply indebted to Calvin's
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Praise The Lord for Pastor Chuck Smith. His through The Bible audio files are a must have. Amazing. God really blessed me thru it.
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