Chase International Wire Transfers Bank

Chase International Wire Transfers Bank

International wire instructions dec2009
!! !! !! !!""""GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF SERVICEDomestic wire transfers typically use the Federal Reserve Bank as the gateway and settlement agent for exchanging funds between banks in the US.

Once a wire transfer request has been submitted and accepted by the Federal Reserve, the funds are instantly transferred to the receiving institution.

YOU GENERALLY CANNOT RECALL A WIRE TRANSFER and the settlement is considered final as soon as the wire is sent.

An International Wire Transfer is the transmission of funds to or from a destination outside the United States and does not use the Federal Reserve Bank system.

Therefore most international wires will go through a correspondent bank that has relationships with financial institutions in the country where the funds are to be sent.

The banking system also uses the SWIFT system as a way to identify the receiving bank
chase international wire transfers bank
International Wire Instructions-jan2011 - Horizon Bank
International wire transfers International wire transfers ... (our correspondent bank): JP Morgan Chase Swift Code: CHASUS33 Beneficiary Information: Horizon Bank (
Understanding Your Wire Transfer Options
... Go to the “Payments and Transfers” section of Select the “Wire Transfers” tab and choose “Add ... to international ... number and bank ... (
Cikm 2008 Wire Transfer Instructions - Microsoft Research ...
Once you have registered online and selected the payment option marked “Wire Transfers” you must follow these ... Wire the funds to: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK … (
.On all wire transfers, the regulations require that the sending parties and the recipients are adequately described to allow the banks to perform anti-money laundering and bank secrecy act reviews prior to completion of the transaction.

This information will also be retained by the banks and may be included in the transmission.Horizon Bank will only send a wire transfer if there are sufficient funds on deposit in the account prior to the request.

We do not send wires that are funded by cash or for non-customers.

Horizon Bank also will not accept incoming wire transfers for non-customers.

We will generally post all incoming wires within an hour of receipt and these funds are deemed as collected funds.

Fees may be charged for both incoming and outgoing wires.INTERNATIONAL WIRE TRANSFER INSTUCTIONSThe following information will be necessary for if you wish to have another party send you a wire transfer from another country to our institution.

International Incoming Wiring Instructions Bank Information (our correspondent bank):

JP Morgan Chase

Swift Code: CHASUS33 Beneficiary Information:

Horizon Bank

P.O.Box 685133

Austin, TX 78701

Account Number: 100021575 For Credit to:

Horizon Customer Name: (Account to receive the funds goes here)

Account#: (Account number goes here.

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