Bigger Faster Stronger Workout Chart

Bigger Faster Stronger Workout Chart

09 marapr fivedayworkout
BIGGER FASTER STRONGER MARCH/APRIL 2009The BFS -season and in-season workoutsOrganization is key to any successful athletic program.One way that BFS helps coaches plan their athletes training is with ailing to plan is planning to fail, ary businessman John L.Beckley, was a motto used by legendary basketball coach John Wooden to lead his UCLA Bruins to 10 national championships.At BFS, we believe that if its good enough for Coach Wooden, its good enough One of the reasons for our success over the past 33 years is not that we have any secret exercises

after all, exercises such as power cleans and squats are used by many strength coaches

but that we teach coaches now to successfully plan grams, in-season as well as off-season.

We call the BFS workout The Total Program because it provides specific ibility and muscular endurance.

Whats The basic BFS system for off-season training is set up on four-week cycles, each focusing on a different set-rep cycle: Week 1: 3x3; Week 2: 5x5; Week 3: 5-4-3-2-1; Week 4: 10-8-6 (or 4-4-2 for power cleans and deadlifts).

During the week weight training is performed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; speed, agility and plyometrics are performed on Tuesday and Thursday.Table 1 shows the general outline of the workout, and Table 2 provides an example of specific lifts and speed, plyometrics and agility drills that can be performed during a five-day, weekly class 2/8/09

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bigger faster stronger workout chart
The Answer For The Busy Coach: Computer-aided Workouts
Bigger Faster Stronger Visit BFS on the web: ... A sample in-season workout using the BFS Beat the Computer system. (
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Bigger Faster Stronger Program Coach Dan Oppelt, Stadium HS Football ... The lifting part of the workout consists of a 3-day workout week repeated every four weeks. (
The Bfs Set-rep Program Overcoming Plateaus The …
standard reps plus one extra rep. Refer to the Rep Record chart ... workout when in a 45-minute physical education class. E Bigger Faster Stronger * Set-Rep Logbaoh. (

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BIGGER FASTER STRONGER MAY/JUNE 2009Computer-Aided WorkoutsBFS PROGRAMHow the BFS Beat the Computer software can save you timeWeekly Workout Schedule for the week of November 10, 2008Bigger Faster BFS on the web:November 26, 2008Page

110:16AMAthlete InformationGrade/PeriodID NumberSmith, Ryan 2FOOTBALLSport / PositionsWorkout Schedule:BFS-BWeek # 2 of a 4 week workout.Notes on the WorkoutFor Core Lifts:for the last set.

On the last set use the weight shown, but try to get more reps than

thenumber of lifts shown, but trycomputer shows so that youto increase the weight little.Beat the Computer!For Aux Lifts:Your lastFor Squat and Bench lifts, we recommend a max of 10 reps, and forrecorded lift is shown.Use theDead Lifts and Cleans, a max of 5 reps.

Use the weight and reps shown for each set, except1Day Number Did you BEAT THE COMPUTER on your last set?Write yourRepsCore LiftsSet 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Set 5Auxiliary LiftsSet 1Set 2NewWeightPower Clean5x 1355x 1405x 1505x 1555x 165Front Squat5x 1405x 1505x 1555x 1655x 170Incline Bench Press5x 1205x 1255x 1305x 1405x 145Lat Pull Down10x 13010x 1302Day Number Did you BEAT THE COMPUTER on your last set?Write yourRepsCore LiftsSet 1Set 2Set 3Set 4Set 5Auxiliary LiftsSet 1Set 2NewWeightParallel Squat5x 1605x 1705x 1805x 1905x 195Bench Press5x 1355x 1455x 1505x 160Hex Bar Deadlift5x 2055x 2155x 2255x 2355x 250Leg Curl10x


70A sample in-season workout using the BFS Beat the Computer system.4/6/09

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