Asrt Directed Reading Answer Sheets

Asrt Directed Reading Answer Sheets

2009Resource CatalogContinuing education and other products for the radiologic science updated Dec 2008ASRT Self-learning ProductsOnline CoursesHomestudiesDVDsJournal Back Issues and Answer SheetsASRT Practice- and Education-related MaterialsCareer and Patient InformationBulk PricingOrder FormThe American Society of Radiologic Technologists is your resource for professional development.ASRT’s educational products are designed specically for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals.When you order from ASRT, you can be assured that our products meet the criteria for renewing your registration with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.You do not need to be an ASRT member to receive continuing education credit for self-learning materials.However, ASRT members enjoy two benets: discounts on our products and tracking and automatic transfer of CE credit records to the ARRT.In addition to our CE materials, ASRT also offers a variety of products for radiology administrators, managers, educators and program directors, ranging from curricula to practice standards.Please note that if you have previously submitted and received credit for a continuing education product, you are ineligible to receive credit a second time for the same product.Credits and pricing are subject to change without notice.

This catalog is updated on a quarterly basis; the most current product and pricing information can always be found at, where you can also place your order online.To order by phone, call ASRT Customer Information at 800-444-2778, Press 5.Continuing Education and Other Products for the Radiologic Science ProfessionalResource Avoiding Burnout in Service-related CareersMaybe you’ve experienced these signs of burnout in your work environment:

increased cynicism about your employer, feeling easily annoyed or irritated by coworkers, boredom and dread of going back to work after time off.As service workers R.T.s are susceptible to burnout due to the mental and physical energy required to provide patient care and the high levels of stress within radiology departments.Becky Britt, M.S.R.S., R.T.(R)(M), provides information about the key indicators of burnout and the effects it has on the profession and employers.Most importantly, she provides tools you can use to avoid burnout.1 creditRetail: ASRT Members: Basic Law and Ethics for the TechnologistLegal terms are used every day, especially on the evening news.But what do they mean in your everyday practice as a radiologic technologist? It’s understood that the purpose of law is to provide order in resolving conicts without violence while protecting individual citizens’ health, safety and welfare.But how do legal concepts like assault, battery, consent, false imprisonment and negligence affect your job? Author Rebecca Britt, M.S.R.S., R.T
asrt directed reading answer sheets
.(R)(M), denes these terms, explains the role of professional liability insurance, identies the requirements for documenting informed consent and provides case studies of various legal issues.She also discusses ethical considerations set by the Professional Code of Ethics, Practice Standards and the Scope of Practice and how these impact quality patient care.1 creditRetail: ASRT Member: Basics of Radiation ProtectionRadiation protection is a basic yet serious consideration for all R.T.s.This refresher course begins with an introduction to cell radiosensitivity, which dictates how much radiation is absorbed (dose) and the cell’s response.Radiation exposure can create both short- and long-term effects varying in severity from mild nausea to cancer.Protecting your patients and yourself is a fundamental skill for all who administer radiation.Kelli Haynes, M.S.R.S., R.T.(R), discusses the biological aspects of radiation and how to minimize patient exposure, protect yourself and monitor your exposure.

1 creditRetail:ASRT Members:Bone DensitometryBone densitometry is used to assess bone health, monitor therapy for low bone density diseases and predict the risk of bone fracture.Today, a variety of methods are used to measure bone density, including dual x-ray absorptiometry, quantitative computed tomography, quantitative ultrasound and instant vertebral assessment.Becky Britt, M.S.R.S., R.T.(R)(M), describes those techniques and presents an overview of osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment.The presentation also discusses an often-overlooked aspect of bone densitometry practice — the assessment of male patients.

1 creditRetail:

ASRT to IV Contrast MediaOrganic radiographic contrast media have been used since the mid-1900s and might be the most commonly prescribed drugs in medical history.While adverse reactions to these diagnostic agents are generally mild, life-threatening reactions do occur.Yet without contrast media, medical imaging would lack the ability to assist in diagnosing a variety of illnesses.Some conditions and drugs place individuals at increased risk for adverse reactions, and in fact can contraindicate the use of intravenous iodinated contrast media or require careful consideration of risks vs benets.Bettye G.Wilson, M.A.Ed., R.T.(R)(CT), RDMS, FASRT, examines some of these contraindicating factors.1 creditRetail:ASRT members: Cultural Competency and the Radiologic TechnologistWhy is cultural competency so important? Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings that adversely affect communication and ultimately patient care.Peter K.

Shams-Avari denes linguistic competence and cultural competence, illustrates the application of the R.T.code of ethics in a culturally competent environment and discusses the changing demographics of the United States, as well as the impact of these changes on the health care system and care providers..5 creditRetail: ASRT Members: 4CT: Nanotechnology in Medicine – A New RevolutionGE Healthcare:

TiP-TV Nanotechnology has been described as the next industrial rev
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