Are There Real Witches

Are There Real Witches

_________________ Correspondence to: Raymond Prince, M.D.1100 Dr.Penfield Av, Apt 1502.Montreal QC, Canada.H3A 1A8 Received May 26, 2006.Accepted July 11, 2006.
Witchcraft: fact or fantasy? Raymond Prince

“Many meanings have been attached to […] the words witch and witchcraft.

Although the belief in forms of witchcraft, such as night flying and spiritual cannibalism, is found in many part of the world, [… witches] seem to be simply a creation of the imagination … despite confessions and modern so-called revivals, there were no witches”

Here I will briefly review my own evidence that Yoruba witches were real and examine evidence implicating Euro-American witches.For this latter, I will refer for the most part to the well-Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches) and James Sprenger (translated by Summers, 1971).

WITCHCRAFT.FACT OR FANTASY? WCPRR July/October 2006, 1(3/4): 152-156

He showed me a scar on his right inner arm that was token of this fact.It suddenly became clear why there were so many old women in evidence among his visitors.

After this revelation, 1 began to ask the right questions about witches of other informants and the reality of witches gradually Most important was my introduction to a prominent member of an Ibadan witch group.She was an elderly woman (perhaps 80 years old), highly tattooed and not unpleasant in manner.Before meeting her, I was required to send her through the healer who introduced me - a goat, a bottle of palm oil and a dozen eggs.Our dealings were always conducted in a darkened room and I was cautioned to the greatest secrecy.Whenever I met her or when I was leaving, she always shook my hand and tickled my palm.

I thought at first that I must have been mistaken about the meaning of this gesture, but later she made it quite clear that she wanted to have intercourse with me.That yncrasy (or my personal charm) was supported by the remarks of one of my healer informants to the effect that although at one time he used to consult the witches, he discovered that no matter how old she was, the witch always wanted to unpleasant (Note 3).Other healers had similar My witch acquaintance finally offered to initiate me into the witch cult.

I would be required to eat some special exactly as she instructed and pay her thirty Pounds.

Of course I believed at ng contained human flesh.From an extensive set of newspaper clippings collected during my Nigerian stay, I found many reports of mutilated human remains found by police.These remains could very plausibly have provided the human flesh for witch soups.

I never returned to see my witch after her proposition.I sometimes regret this.

In any case I must recount a rather interesting event that occurred soon afterwards.As noted, my witch cautioned me to complete secrecy about our transaforgot all about secrecy
are there real witches
Halloween An Examination Of Witchcraft
there are real witches with real magical powers, we surely endorse the rejection of human sacrifice as an unspeakable crime against God and humanity. (
Witchcraft For All By Louise Huebner
There are real witches today. Contrary to folk tales, they don't go riding about by night on brooms. They don't cavort in the nude unless they have something very ... (
.Indeed just a few days later, when anthropologist friend, Bob Levine, visited me in Ibadan, I told him the whole story same evening, I wakened in the middle of the night and heard bats twittering in the eaves of the house.

The thought passed through my mind, “Those are the witches after me for telling their secrets”.I wakened the next morning with the worst pain in the neck I had ever suffered! It persisted for a good week.I can only assume that at some half conscious level, I myself feared the retaliation of the witches!

Malleus Evidence for Real Witches

The authors of the certainly believed that witches were real – they and their inquisitorial contemporaries burned large numbers of them according to reputable historical sources.My task here then is to examine the evidence presented in the Malleus that witches were “evidence” stand up to our The first general point about evidence in the Malleus is its ubiquitous appeal to authority as the basis for its assertions.The authors frequently quote as factual (and requiring no further ly Bible (Note 4); or from the writings ofSt.

(Note 5) or other Medieval authority.For example, one of the first questions raised in the is whether there are in fact real witches piece of evidence (among many), Deuteronomy, Chapter 18.I looked up this reference in my King James Version of the Bible and found, verses 10-12: “There shall not be found among you anyone .

PRINCE, >...that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a necromancer.

But even when following up references to the Bible, I quickly ran into difficulties.

The authors were clearly not using the same version of the Bible that I was! On Page 37 for example, when the authors refer to a statement made in and II Kings but not IV Kings! And the authors refer to “1.Paralipomenon, 10” - which doesn’t even exist in my Bible! But in any case, in our contemporary view of things, such appeals Another favorite form of evidence for witches in the is to provide highly detailed case examples.There are literally scores of thesIn the town of Ratisbon ’, a certain young man who had an intrigue with a girl, wishing to leave her, lost his member; that is to say, some glamour was cast over it so that In his worry over this he went to a tavern to drink wine; and after he had sat there for a while he got into a conversation with another woman who was there, and told her the cause of his sadness, explaining everything, and demonstrating in his body that this was so.The woman was astute, and asked whether he suspected anyone: and when he named such a one, unfolding the whole matter, she said: ‘If persuasion is not enough, you must use some violence, to induce her to restore to you your health.’ So in the evening the young man watched the way by which the witch was in the habit of going, and finding her, prayed her to restore to him t
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