3406 Cat Engine Problems

3406 Cat Engine Problems

Cat 3400
IPDPB-01The Standard for Quality, Innovation, Service and Support Since 1955IPD Technical Update FOR CATERPILLARCaterpillar3406, 3408, 3412 B, C & EModel diesel & natural gas applications.PROBLEM:bearing cavitation.SYMPTOM:Connecting rod bearing shows cavitation erosion of bearing surface.A) Close monitoring of oil analysis, allowing B) Install IPD grooved connecting rod bear-reduce risk of surface cavitation and withproper maintenance,possibly increaseengine bearing life.Bearings were first putinto IPD production in 1993!RECOMMENDED ACTION:Contact your IPDPictured are three bearing shells that were placed new in a rebuiltengine and removed after 300,000 miles.Note erosion damage on thetwo non-relieved bearings on left compared to the IPD bearing on theight with the pressure relief pocket.Brief History of 3400 Series Liner and O-Rings:Please note that dates and verbiage may not be exact.(Known history since 1982).Old Part No.New Part No.Product Desc.Reason for Change1/827N08431W6280LinerO-ring grooves narrower in I.D.but smaller x-section on o-ring forlower liner to block clearance from .012+/- .004 down to .006+/-.004 to help prevent o-ring locations lowered on liner to help preventrolling and cutting of material, Viton, better resistance to oil.At somepoint a blue Teflon coating added to ease material, HSN, offers improved resistance too-ring deterioration.4/98
OEM announced that three separate o-rings are to be usedTop:1427072 EPDMon new production 3400 (5.4bore) engines as follows:Mid:1102220 HSNBot:1426217 VitonNote that on C-16 (5.5bore) engines, OEM uses a D-ringto replace the upper o-ring on 600HP engines
3406 cat engine problems
3406e And C15 Marine Engines
SAFETY.CAT.COM ™ 3406E and C15 ... A failed water pump might cause severe engine overheating problems that could result in cracks in the cylinder head, ... (ipdparts.com)
3406e, C-10, C-12, C-15, And C-16 On-highway Engines
Cat DEAC (Diesel Engine Antifreeze/Coolant) ... problems: guttering of the valves, packing of carbon under the piston rings, and wear of the cylinder liner. (safety.cat.com)
Caterpillar Engines - Class1
engine speed for various applications including PTO driven generators and pumps and ... 3176/3406 Class 1 CAT Interface C2-B Throttle Signal C1-A 12 VDC 12 VDC Relay 2 … (safety.cat.com)
.Distributor or Distribution Center and order the ollowing applicable part numbers as needed:3406A,Bengines with narrow connecting rod COMPONENTS:Block Inserts and RepairSleevesIn-Frame SetsOut-of-Frame Setsalves/Springs/Guides/Rod and Main BearingsIPD Grooved Connecting Rod BearingCamshaft BearingsBearingsNew Water PumpsIPD Water Pump RebuildShafts/BearingsSteel Backing PlatesThermostats/RegulatorsNew QCd Oil PumpsShafts/BearingsNew Oil Coolers3400 SERIES PARTS IN THE AFTERMARKETGasket SetsNew QCd CrankshaftsGlow Plugs/Pre-chambersuck Engine Overhaul KitsManifold Studs/NutsVibration DampersSeveral years ago IPD developed a 4-ring piston for the Caterpillar 3400 series.This was in response to customers who sought reduction of blow-by in enclosedengine room applications.Overused in engines working inunderground mines and otherapplications.These pistonsincorporate a keystone toping, rectangular for the 2ndand 3rd compression rings.The oil ring is the same oneused on the three-ring piston.This piston is not recommended for on-highwaytruck engines.Please contactIPD for specific applicationinformation.IPD 4-RING STYLE PISTON FOR CERTAIN CATERPILLAR 3400ystone Top RingIntermediate RingsIPD Style Oil Ring for Dual Ni-Resist ringcarrierIPD Part Number 34156MR4Call IPD for application.8Copyright 2004 IPDAll manufacturer' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only.It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer.Caterpillarare registered trademarks of Caterpillar, Inc.23231 S.Normandie Ave.orrance, California 90501(310) 530-6162 (Fax).ipdpar.com(Internet Page)INNOVATION AND OPTIONS(Example used:3408 Marine 99U585-4588)Out-of-Frame Overhaul Sets=1 Suffix at end of part Number, example 408041In-frame Overhaul Set=2 Suffix at end of part number, example 408042Multiple Cylinder Head Sets=3 Suffix at end of part number, example 408043(This set will replace all cylinder heads on the engine with one gasket set!)Single Cylinder Head Sets=4 Suffix at end of part number, example 408044Add NLSto receive gasket set without cylinder liner seals example:408041NLS(This is to be used when you have purchased Cylinder kits that include liner seals)MULTIPLE STYLE OR IPD STYLE$ One box instead of 11 boxes ander 20 more gaskets$ Less warehouse space$ Faster inventory turn over$ More machine coverage with lower investment in inventory$ Simplified part number systemHappy Mechanics!IPD offers you a choice, multiple gaskets sets for CaterpillarEngines (pictured on left), or the exclusive IPD 1-2-3complete style gasket sets (pictured on right).Sample given is a Caterpillar 3408.7/04IPDPB-01.
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