3 Ships Of Christopher Columbus

3 Ships Of Christopher Columbus

Columbus key
Copyright Houghton Mifflin Company.All Rights Reserved.Christopher Columbuss DiscoveriesAnswer KeyEducation did the first journey begin, and when did it end?ugust 3, 1492 to March 15, 14932.What was life like at sea? What did the crew have to eat?orle;there wwters, no hammocks, and nomess halls; captains and pilots had very small cabins; w members sleptwhereer the men stayy saying pray, singingsongs, telling stories, doing ship chores, eating and waiting.ossibilities are water, vinegar, winee oil, molasses, cheese, honey,r, rice, garlic, almonds, sea biscuits (hardtacchickpeas, lentils, beans, salted and barreled sardines, anchovies, drcod and pickled or salted meats (beef and pork), salted flour.3.How did Christopher Columbus navigate the ships?us used dead reckoning to navigate the ships.This was commonore celestial navigation was devDead reckoning uses a course-and-distant measurement.4.Name two places Christopher Columbus explored.5.Who did Christopher Columbus and his crew meet?e Indians6.What kinds of vegetation did they find?ossibilities are corn, beans, and squashes.7.What happened on December 25, 1492?ia sank from hitting a coral reef.8.What did the crew build on Hispanola?ials salvaged from the Santa Maruilt a fort called La Navidad.10.Name two things Christopher Columbus brought back from the New World to showossibilities are native Indiansorm of maskswns, and nuggets.
Exploration session 3 christopher columbus
Session 3: Christopher Materials

A picture book/book about Christopher Columbus

A wall map of the world

Student maps to color and write on (1 per student)

A map of the world on a large piece of plastic or clear shower curtain (optional)

Journals and bottles (See # 7 below; 1 of each per student)

Items native to Asia (e.g., pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, silk, and gold)

Explorer songs (Attachment B; 1 copy per student)

Copy of the Explorer Knowledge Chart and Answer Sheet (Attachments C and D) Instructional Activities 1.Display some of the items that were native to Asia, such as spices, silk, gold.Ask students why these items would be important to people during this early time of exploration.

3 ships of christopher columbus
Exploration Session 3- Christopher Columbus
sailor who had traveled in ships trading items for gold, jewels, and spices. ... Microsoft Word - Exploration Session 3- Christopher Columbus.doc Created Date: (eduplace.com)
Christopher Columbus - Core Knowledge® Foundation
How many ships did Christopher Columbus take with him on the voyage? (three) What were the names of the ships? ... Christopher Columbus 3. Skill Objective(s) (kgcs.k12.va.us)
The Ships Of Christopher Columbus - Corpus Christi Museum Of ...
The Ships of Christopher Columbus The Fleet of 1992-Spanish Ship Reproductions The Government of Spain had the Columbus Ship reproductions built to (coreknowledge.org)
.On the world map, locate the continents of Europe and Asia, and ask students what mode of transportation people of that time used to travel to Asia from Europe.Discuss possible difficulties (e.g., weather, sharks, hostile natives, sickness, long voyages) as the explorers went to Asia.Identify the main route taken through the Mediterranean and around Africa.

Ask students to look for another possible route.

3.Read a book to students about Christopher Columbus.

Explain that Christopher Columbus was an excellent sailor who had traveled in ships trading items for gold, jewels, and spices.He believed that there was a shorter way to reach Asia by sailing west.

The Queen of Spain, Isabella, agreed to give Columbus three ships and supplies to reach Asia.Using the wall map, locate Spain, and have students label it on their own maps by coloring it and making a map legend at the bottom.


Show students on the map the route Columbus sailed and where he landed on an island near the Bahamas called San Salvador.He had not known that there was land between Europe and Asia and believed that he had landed in Asia.He claimed this land for Spain.

Have the students label the area of San Salvador on their individual maps and make a path from Spain to San Salvador.

Label this path in the map legend.

5.If you have a large map drawn on a clear shower curtain or large piece of plastic, lay the map on the floor, and have the students walk the route taken by Columbus.

6.Complete the information necessary on the Explorer Chart (Attachment C), or read over the information already provided (Attachment D).

7.Have students complete their daily journal writing from the point of view of Columbus or a crew member.

These can be done in class-made journals or written on paper, rolled up, and secured with a rubber band.The rolled-up journals can be placed in a bottle and saved until the end of the unit.

8.Sing the Columbus song (Attachment B).

9.Have students draw pictures of the three ships: Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria.

10.Have a student play the role of Queen Isabella of Spain and one play the role of Columbus.Have them act out the meeting that may have taken place about his voyage..
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